We help everyone manage waste better by providing real time, geolocated, verified data and insights across the waste chain.

Using smart sensors we connect you to real-time data about your waste activities from bins, vehicles and phones. We run it through our suite of intelligent analytics software and give you and your stakeholders valuable information and insights. It's like a fitness tracker for waste, helping you make better choices about how to manage and reduce waste.

View Waste Data

View real-time detailed information about your waste. Watch bins get full and track verified movements through the entire chain, from wherever you are.

Collect Waste Efficiently

Be guided on the most efficient route to collect only the bins that need it, and verify the collection in real-time on a map dashboard.

Change Waste Behaviours

Engage waste-makers in a gamified behaviour-change relationships. Go beyond education, into daily nudging with rewards and social recognition.


Solutions across everyone's waste chain


Behaviour Change App
Enables everyone to play the 'game' of reducing their waste, using real time data and gamified engagement
Efficient Waste Collection
Using real time data streams, our intelligent software guides your waste collectors through an optimal route to only those bins that need emptying
Waste Chain Tracking
Verify the movement of waste assets right through the waste chain using blockchain technology
Data Insights for Planning
Access predictive analytics, insights and intelligence in your complex waste data sets, to help you better plan the transition to zero waste and carbon
Volume Sensing
Get real-time, geolocated. verified data directly from all your bins
Waste and C02
Get data on the greenhouse gases your waste produces, so you can prioritise actions for climate change
Generate detailed visual reports on your waste and carbon outcomes over time, for management, compliance and transparency

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Matter provides real-time, geolocated, verified data across the waste chain to achieve a zero-waste future.